RNA-based biopharmaceuticals

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Including vaccines represent a new hope for treatment and prevention of a number of chronic and complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and certain cardiovascular conditions.

Currently there are approximately 700 DNA and RNA therapeutics that are in the drug development industry; about 430 of these are still at a pre-clinical stage of development. Nearly 35% are targeted at oncology. Moreover on a global scale there are approximately 160 companies and 65 universities dealing with RNA-based Therapies. RNA-Based vaccines are one type of RNA-based biopharmaceuticals containing mRNA molecules that target a specific antigen that stimulates an immune response following the uptake of antigen-presenting cells. mRNA vaccines offer tight control over an antigen’s ability to provoke an immune response in the body, and can be adjusted to stimulate the innate immune system. To conclude mRNA vaccines expose the body to antigen genes of an infectious agent. When it overtakes a host cell in the body the RNA is translated into protein antigens leading to protective immunity for the body against the exposed infectious agent. Now, where will scientific research take us next?

Author: Mayar Tamer

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