How to Change Wi-Fi Password Using Your Phone for WE router

ضبط اعدادات راوتر WE الجديد وتغيير باسورد الواي فاي
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Now the Internet has occupied the whole world and entered Wi-Fi in most homes and for several reasons in various fields whether education or work or communication with humans around the world, and we will address something very important today which is How to Change Your WiFi Password Using Your Phone for WE route. Now there are many videos that show how to steal and to know how to protect your Wi-Fi. Follow the following steps to change the password from your phone without need for a PC or apps.

Change Wi-Fi password from your phone

First, you must make sure that your device is connected to the Internet to be able to change it through the browser

The following steps must be followed:

  • Make sure your router is connected to an internet cable
  • Enter the Google Chrome browser and enter the search box the following link  
  • Enter the username in its field as well as the router password behind the router
  • click on Home Network from top menu
  • Then click on the WLAN Settings clause on the left.
  • Then press Wlan Encryption
  • Enter the network name in the field in which the SSID is written in front of it 
  • And enter into the field that is in front of the WPA PRE-Shared Key with the Wi-Fi password 
  • The last step is to click on the Save button

How to hide the Wi-Fi network?

This is very important because your network is not found by people who steal the Internet and your network will not appear on their phone. You must follow the following steps to be able to hide your Wi -Fi network.

First, you should enter your settings page with the following steps:

  1. Open your browser and enter this link in the search bar and then click Enter
  2. Then enter the password in the Password box, then write router username and password and click on Log in
  3. Click on Home Network from the top of the page 
  4. Then click on the WLAN Settings command from the options provided to you in the left menu.
  5. And then click on WLAN Encryption 
  6. Scroll down and tick it next to the Hide broadcast option.
  7. Save your choice and click on SAVE below.

Now that we have finished entering the settings, we move to the following steps.

After we have finished the steps to enter the settings you will see a page divided into three sections and here is a brief summary of them 

The first is Start Wizard is the special configuration settings when you buy the router and use it for the first time. 

The second is Set Up WLAN is the settings which include changing the Wi-Fi password and changing the network name as well 

The third is about Check My Network Status is to look at the devices connected to the router and it is possible from this part of you to disconnect the net from other devices and control the devices connected to your router.

TE-Data router configuration

How to limit Wi-Fi speed on your router

The majority suffer from the expiry of the Internet package and continue with you during the month in which it is subscribed, we will show you how to control the reduction of the speed of the Internet to reduce the rate of consumption and to ensure that the Internet package continues with you until the end of the month.

This feature is available for modern routers from WE and one of the options available to you is to reduce the speed of devices in general or reduce the speed of the Internet for each device separately.

The following control steps and determination of Internet speed:

We will go to settings as mentioned in the How to hide the router network section.

  • In Huawei routers, only Bandwidth Control is available, which is to reduce the speed of the Internet completely.
  • After navigating to the settings page, click on the internet from the bar at the top of the page. 
  • We have clicked on Bandwidth Control on the left.
  • You will see a red rectangle type the speed you want
    • If you type 128 it means that the speed is up to 5 MB 
    • And if you type 256 the speed will be 10 MB
    • As well as 512 the internet speed will become 20 MB

As we mentioned, all new WE routers only offer the feature of reducing the speed of the Internet completely.

Now we’ve explained some things that might benefit you and make you more economical in the monthly plan either by hiding the network or reducing speed.

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